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1969 Mustang engine lineup

Engine Size Horsepower Torque exhaust
200 Six Cylinder Engine 115@3800 r.p.m. 190@2200 r.p.m. single
250 Six Cylinder Engine 155@4000 r.p.m. 240@1600 r.p.m. single
302 V-8 Engine 220@4600 r.p.m. 300@2600 r.p.m. single
351 V-8 Engine 2V 250@4600 r.p.m. 355@2600 r.p.m. single
351 V-8 Engine 4V 290@4800 r.p.m. 385@3200 r.p.m. dual
390 V-8 Engine 2V 265@4400 r.p.m. 390@2600 r.p.m. single
390 V-8 Engine 4V 320@4600 r.p.m. 427@3200 r.p.m. dual
428 V-8 Engine 335@5200 r.p.m. 440@3400 r.p.m. dual


The popular 200-c.i.d. six-cylinder engine is the standard power plant for all Mustangs except the Mach 1 Model. In offering a maximum choice in total equipment, however, two new engines have been produced for 1969 and are included in the Mustang lineup.

The 4.1 Litre (250 c.i.d.) six-cylinder engine is designed to develop nearly 35% greater horsepower than the standard six . . .at the same time is almost as economical in fuel consumption.

The 351-c.i.d. 2v V-8 is standard in the mach 1 and this desplacement is available as an option in either two-barrel or four-barrel versions on all other Mustangs. It is extremely compact, lightweight and provides excellent performance and handling characteristics. The lower vegicle weights results in greater acceleration.

The 428-c.i.d. 4v V-8 engine is Mustang's latest entry for the performance car package. It is also available in a Cobra Jet "Ram-Air" version on all Mustang models.

This site is about the 1969 Ford Mustang and contains information and photos of 1969 and 1970 Ford Mustangs.

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