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1969 Ford Mustang Production Figures

(63A) 2door Fastback,
Standard equipment 56,022 produced

(63B) 2door Fastback,
Deluxe equipment 5,958 produced

(63C) 2door Fastback,
Mach 1 equipment 72,458 produced

(65A) 2door Hardtop Coupe,
Standard equipment 118,613 produced

(65B) 2door Hardtop Coupe,
Deluxe equipment 5,210 produced

(65C) 2door Hardtop Coupe,
bench seats 4,131 produced

(65D) 2door Hardtop Coupe,
Deluxe, bench seats 504 produced

(65E) 2door Hardtop Coupe,
Grande equipment 22,182 produced

(76A) Convertible,
Standard equipment 11,307 produced

(76B) Convertible,
Deluxe equipment 3,439 produced
Total 299,824 produced

Special Mustangs (included above)
Boss 302 1,628 produced
Boss 429 859 produced
also includes two Boss Cougars 2

GT Equipment Group 5,396 produced
Mustang with the 390 10,494 produced
Mustangs with 428 CJ 13,193 produced

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